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June 2022: FileTiger 2.0 works in Windows 11.
No updates are required for Windows 11 users.

August 2015: FileTiger 2.0 is now available.
Major update: Version 2.0 of FileTiger includes new features: Font size can be changed in the folder and file lists. Windows 10 support. Install just once for multiple users.

December, 2005: Version 1.32 is available, and adds an option to skip pre-copy file size calculation for large file sets. This is ideal for maintaining an external or network duplicate copy of a data drive or folder, where adding up the size of an entire network data set isn't needed.

November, 2004: Version 1.31 of FileTiger has been released, adding support for service pack 2 of Windows XP. Free patch updates are available by email from version 1.30 (112 Kb) are available by request. Requests should include both name and mailing address as originally ordered, plus any address updates, as needed. Emailed updates from all earlier versions are also available; file size will be up to 832 Kb.

July, 2004: Version 1.30 of FileTiger has been released. All the free upgrades on disk for orders placed since January 1st have now been mailed. Free upgrades by email (832 Kb attachment by email) are available by request. Requests should include both name and mailing address as originally ordered, plus any address updates, as needed.

June, 2004: Development of version 1.30 of FileTiger is complete, and will be released on July 1, 2004. Upgrades from versions 1.0 through 1.2 will be free by email, on request, or US$5 for new mailed disk sets. Orders placed after January 1st, 2004 will have the upgrade mailed automatically at no extra charge, when ready.

New Features in FileTiger 1.30

RENAME now features wild card masks, allowing you to rename sets of files quickly, especially useful for managing digital pictures. You can add text, such as "Birthday Party " to the beginning (or end, or both) of a set of filenames, or change all selected filenames to all upper case or all lower case.

"List file details to Clipboard" can list file date, time, size, and name to clipboard, one file per line. Columns are separated by tabs, so a file list can be imported into a spreadsheet, a database, or a table in a word processor.

"Copy path to clipboard" copies the selected folder's full path to the clipboard. This is handy when you have to enter a long path into another program that won't let you browse quickly to a special folder.

"Copy path to clipboard" can copy the currently-selected folder path to the clipboard. It's handy for capturing and pasting long paths into other programs that can't navigate directories easily.

The VIEW right-click option can now view multiple files, up to the same limit as edit/open.

The help file has been rewritten and expanded in HTML-help format. Additional editions of the help file are also available, as a printable PDF.

Autumn, 2001: FileTiger 1.20 has been tested for use with the new Windows XP. No upgrades or patches are needed--FileTiger is fully compatible with these new versions of Windows.

May 25th, 2001: FileTiger 1.20 has been released. Support has been added for Windows Me and Windows 2000 Professional, along with lots of small improvements, including copying filenames (with paths) to the clipboard, clipboard loading of bitmap graphics, more detailed progress messages on large file backups, and lots more. Upgrades for our paid users are free on request, by email, or shipping only (US$5) by mail.

June 25th, 1999: FileTiger 1.11 is available now. There are no new features, but version 1.11 includes bug fixes for network users. Upgrades for our paid users are free on request, by email.

June 1999: FileTiger 1.1 is available. New features include an enhanced tree copy routine that copies either all files or only newer and missing files, network support, easy folder copy and delete options, a new option to select files matching a mask, and improved speed. FileTiger is now priced at $29 US, including worldwide shipping by air. As always, you can order online safely through our secured order connections.

Upgrades from version 1.0 are free, and were mailed out automatically in late June to every paid user of version 1.0, so if you bought version 1.0, and your address has changed, let us know!

November 1998: WinZIP has been upgraded to version 7.0. FileTiger 1.0 works with the new version 7.0 just as it does with version 6.3.

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