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FileTiger Features
FileTiger main screen

FileTiger is a high-power dual-window file synchronizer and backup tool.

Most file backups consist of two operations:

1) Looking at files, including examining their contents, changing storage details like file names and dates, and exploring directory trees.

2) Moving the files between two folders or directories, including copying, copying only newer or missing files, and creating archives (backups and ZIP files).

FileTiger is designed to do these things easily by using a NEAR and FAR concept. This is extremely simple: All the buttons on the FileTiger screen are mirrored left-to-right. The button set nearest the file, folder, and file boxes is the NEAR set, and always work on the files on that side of the screen.

On tasks that need both a location to work FROM and TO, or SOURCE and DESTINATION, the NEAR side is always the FROM or SOURCE side, and the opposite side is the FAR, TO, or DESTINATION side. For simplicity, we use NEAR and FAR.

FileTiger is FILE-BASED. Only the Show Folder button works on the contents of the folder list. All the other buttons work on the contents of the file list. If you want to do something to a folder, right-click on the folder and choose from the options in the popup menu, or open the folder and work on the files inside.

Remember, FileTiger is ambidextrous. It copies, moves, or performs any other task as easily from right to left as from left to right. The NEAR side is the side you click the button on. The FAR side is the opposite side.

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