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Article Reprints

Reprints of articles by Jerry Stern, author & publisher of FileTiger

An Open Letter to Business Software Developers
Writing software so that it will run on a client-server network. As seen in ASPects.

Steps Toward an Office Computer Policy, 1.0
For business owners and managers: Telling Employees what's OK, and what's Not. As seen in ASPects.

Why Doesn’t my Computer Work?
Spyware cleanups, causes, costs, and who's to blame. As seen in ASPects.

Spyware, Adware, Malware, Thief
The state of spyware in the industry. As submitted to the FTC Spyware Workshop.
Located on the web site of the Association of Software Professionals

Backup Philosophy
What's wrong with backup software, and a starting point on backing up the good stuff: DATA.

The Perils of Backing Up
Planning ahead for office disaster recovery.

10 Commandments of Computer Ownership
Basic instructions for computer users. Follow them. Or suffer the consequences.

Cars, Chips, Shakespeare
Software is no more reliable than cars. Engineering by committee is just grand.

It Slices, It Dices, It Does E-Mail . . .
Combination hardware devices, software integration by corporate takeover, and consumer warnings on both.

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